#68: Small boat-building nonprofit - a chapter here, using a vacant building?

At the Green Bay Conservation Roundtable last week, GB's Hands On Deck shared their programs. They are a nonprofit organization empowering youth and families to succeed together through experiential learning focused on the science and art of building wooden boats and the preservation of traditional skills.

"We have provided over one hundred wooden boat building and traditional skill classes with the Boy Scouts, Green Bay Public School System, Brown County Public Library, Brown County PALS, and Victory Academy in Northern Wisconsin. The last two groups focus directly on assisting at-risk youth. Working with HOD enables these groups to greatly enhance their missions."

Their "wheelbarrow boat" boat-building project is cool.

They are part of the Teaching With Small Boats Alliance, which has conferences and provides resources. Hands on Deck Green Bay is currently the only Wisconsin affiliate.

Maybe we could establish a chapter/affiliate in Sturgeon Bay, maybe finding a great purpose for a vacant building, maybe in partnerships with NWTC, the Maritime Museum, the school district,  local social services programs, etc.