#86: Freshwater / Maritime Research District at West Waterfront

In last week’s public input meetings on the westside waterfront, I got excited by the idea of a whole District, a Freshwater or Maritime Research District connecting the whole westside working waterfront, with institutional/research/exhibit facilities, adjoining a wonderful public waterfront greenspace featuring a beautifully restored Granary icon, and inspiring affiliated small businesses and affordable housing nearby. Green Bay is the Largest Freshwater Estuary in the World!

Attached is an annotated drawing with notes along these lines, building from the ideas proposed from the community last week and shown in SEH’s visually presented ideas on Wednesday evening at the high school.

Quoting strongtowns.org on the benefits of a series of smaller incremental development projects that build on each other , "Incremental development means making small bets on many small projects over a broad area over a long period of time”- a good way to maintain a city’s resilience.

My other notes submitted to SEH include these: Be incremental. Paced. Learn as we go. Include other ventures as we go. Sustain character. Think through, with care for future generations. Grow our young adult population. Make a vibrant town supporting ingenuity and providing opportunity. Public waterfront is precious; it is gold. Authentic working waterfront is a tremendous asset. History, and stories, and the heart they embody, sustain and nourish a community.

submitted by Nancy Aten