All positive suggestions are welcome! We like learning about great ideas from other places or from your own experiences.

Your suggestion can be big or small - it can be about anything that you think would be an idea of interest for the Sturgeon Bay community and our government. The Center Line Community Suggestion Box is a repository of ideas provided by citizens who love Sturgeon Bay! Some might be projects and solutions that have been used with success in other communities; others might be creative but untried.

Your suggestion will be forwarded to Sturgeon Bay's mayor, all common council members, the city administrator, the community development director, city planner, and the parks (municipal services) director. It will also be posted on the Suggestion Box blog.

At the present time, we are unable to include images in these suggestions - instead, please include website links if relevant for your suggestion.

Thank you for your ideas and participation!

Name (we encourage your name! Thank you!)
Name (we encourage your name! Thank you!)