#69: Being proactive about Younkers closing - many ideas

Recent news indicates Younkers may be closing. A recent facebook conversation begun by Charolette Baierl asks for ideas. Many in the community are concerned for Younkers employees and future opportunities. And, large vacant storefronts create additional concern - and also ideas.

In response to this question: We will lose Younkers in Sturgeon Bay. How will this incredible real-estate be re-used?

Ideas suggested informally include housing, mixed-use including retail, UW-Sturgeon Bay or UW-Extension, a co-working space, indoor market, call center, housing for the elderly, world’s best art / food cooperative space, another DCEDC great business incubator location to complement the industrial park, low-cost apartments, multi-generational housing (space in the basement for common areas and an elevator for elderly) and adaptive reuse, children's museum, housing / art studio mixed use, Miller Art Museum expanded location... and more. Excerpted comments are attached here.

This is also a good reminder of the talented pool of community members willing, enthusiastic, talented and knowledgeable, ready to contribute to future community planning when asked.

--------- Response 4/25 from Alderwoman Avenson:

Thank you for sending ideas and community input from Center Line Forum.  On Monday Pam Seiler of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center put an informal meeting together to do exactly as stated in this suggestion, to be proactive.  

DCEDC, Joel Kitchens, Josh and Christopher from the City, David Hayes (District 2 alderperson), Kelly Avenson (District 4 alderperson) and Nicolet Bank were all present.  

There was talk regarding what is needed in Sturgeon Bay, what could fill those locations and be sustainable into the future and so on. We are working on this first step, what does the owner(s) of the property plan on doing with the real estate and another meeting is set for Monday.  If there is someone that would be an asset to have at these meetings please have them contact me.  

I believe that many more conversations should and will be had and I hope to invite the public to participate once we have a little more insight into the property owners' intent.

Thank you,