#56: History for a great sense of community

“It’s beautiful, and I think that’s why we call it the crown and jewel of Lemont. . . . It’s a gathering place. It’s a great place to have, because there is a great sense of community in Lemont.”

That's what the chairperson of the Lemont, Pennsylvania Village Association has to say about their town's granary, which has been gradually and painstakingly restored since the town bought it in the mid-'90s. This beautiful building has become a central community gathering place. They have an annual Christmas market with music, spirits, and local artists' wares! Haunted houses! Weddings! Concerts! Gourmet dinners! A 5K run! All taking place at--and funding the restoration of--this beautiful granary.

The thing is: in Sturgeon Bay, the restoration of our granary is already paid for. More than $1.5 million has been pledged specifically for this purpose. We already have an iconic building in the center of our town. Don't we want to save it?

I do.

(submitted by Jacinda Duffin via fb).

See other examples of repurposed granaries at http://www.centerlineforum.org/repurposed-granaries

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