#22: Ideas...

I'd like to see a university extension in our town for Marine research, creative arts (music/theater/visual arts), or cutting edge research in nano technology, medical/bio research, that sort of thing. An educational facility that attracts younger folks and a new layer of academic faculty. The city should also connect with places like Nashville, Portland OR, Portland Maine, San Francisco, and other high priced cities where people are looking for alternatives to their expensive, high pressure lifestyles. A welding job at Bay Ship may not be attractive to them, but what about affordable housing, a solid infrastructure (high speed internet), good educational facilities, and meaningful incentives for young entrepreneurs? Cool office spaces in an old granary or a converted high school would do it. So would a waterfront park with festivals, including an annual LGBT festival. All city parks could be pesticide free (great promo for the city), and silent sports could be boosted (great promo for the city).

Hans Christian

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