#46: Participate in TAP funding for Bike/Pedestrian Planning

From the Pulse: https://doorcountypulse.com/grant-awarded-northeast-wisconsin-bike-pedestrian-plan/ - "The Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission has been awarded grant funds in the amount of $108,000 to develop a Regional Bike and Pedestrian Plan for northeast Wisconsin. The award is part of the 2016-2020 Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) funding cycle. TAP allocates federal funds to transportation improvement projects that expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, improve the quality of life, and protect the environment. Bay-Lake RPC’s Regional Bike and Pedestrian Plan is intended to increase transportation options for residents and visitors through identifying and planning for bicycle-pedestrian trails, on-road accommodations, sidewalks, etc. Future newsletter articles will provide additional details once the project commences. The Regional Bike and Pedestrian Plan will begin in 2017 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2018."

Door County is one of the 8 counties in the NE region. Is our Door County Economic Development Corporation working for us on this project? Or City of Sturgeon Bay? I hope our local representatives are working in collaboration with Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission.

Chesla Seely-Anschutz and others via fb