#45: Family Friendly - Splash Pad

A Splash Pad. Similar to the one in Fitchburg WI (http://www.fitchburgwi.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Splash-Pad-68 ) that I took my children to.

What is the purpose of a development in that location? Bringing people in to Sturgeon Bay, to use and support businesses already in the area, yes? Providing something attractive that is not already in the county. Giving us something that local families as well as tourists would find useful and attractive? We have so few free things for families to do. The water in the Bay is COLD even in the height of the summer. When I took my children to the Fitchburg Splash Pad (less than a mile from where I grew up) there was a huge crowd. Happy running splashing babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids and their parents and grandparents. My boys had a blast for hours. We only left when we had to get lunch.

Just imagine: A family staying at a campground in the summer needs to go into town to go to the grocery store. The kids are grouchy about needing to shop. The Mom promises that they can stop and play at the Splash Pad for a while if they come. They come in to town and the kids play. Maybe they walk across the street and get a snack or lunch while they're there. They slow down and look at Sturgeon Bay instead of just dashing past it to get north.

Or how about: It's summertime and it's hot out. A family with 3 kids is getting tired of staying at home. They pack up their towels and throw on their swimsuits and Mom walks them down to the Splash Pad for the afternoon. The water is cool and the sprays make the toddler laugh. The big kids run around, but the Mom knows that she doesn't need to be right on top of them because there isn't any standing water for them to fall into; it's safe, and she can focus on the toddler. They stay all afternoon and walk home exhausted but happy to get dinner ready.

Let's pick something that adds to the interest and function of the City. Something that will draw visitors and local families alike. Something that doesn't compete with any existing businesses. Something that we can customize to be as "Door County" as we like. Practical, useful. Please.

Beth Lokken