#41: Integrated Cultural/Scientific Maritime District

 On August 4th, Laurel Hauser convened an evening discussion of waterfront development and historic preservation with Sam Shogren, several community members, and city staff.

Laurel said: “Sam is a Sturgeon Bay native and lead consultant with Shogren Consulting Group (http://shogrenconsultinggroup.com/) that specializes in maritime heritage, historic preservation and community development projects that connect ports, people and place. This is a chance to talk informally about future possibilities for our waterfront and to hear what other communities around the country have done to preserve their maritime history.”

These are brief notes/highlights I recorded of the discussions.

Port Townsend, Washington - city's waterfront effort included purchases of public access easements on private lands, in order to make extensive connecting public access (a few miles long).

“Small boat builders” could be an economic hub for Sturgeon Bay. Sam and others mentioned several small firms that might be attracted to set up shops near the waterfront in Sturgeon Bay to join an existing core.

Ryan Kernosky, City Planner, noted he is working on a shipyard/shipbuilding walking tour, tied in with the Main Street Program, and he hopes to have time to develop this. (There was much interest from community group). Ryan envisions the possibility of a Sunset Park tower that gives an expansive view of Bay Ship.

Sam mentioned potential funding sources from Maritime Administration.

Sam spent a good portion of the time on the general topic of an “Integrated Cultural/Scientific Maritime District” for Sturgeon Bay, that could include a NOAA Water Quality Lab, hands-on fisheries demonstrations, a Knowledge Hub (which would also give tech companies motivation for extending bandwidth here), etc.

The Lake Michigan Research Institute initiative (http://lakemichiganresearchinstitute.org/about/) was noted as an opportunity that the City could pursue for Sturgeon Bay. This project was launched in Sturgeon Bay. A feasibility study affiliated with UW-Green Bay is underway.

January 5th, 2016 - Lake Michigan Research Institute.org

January 5th, 2016 - Lake Michigan Research Institute.org

Sam discussed the importance of community brainstorming - that a structured and endorsed group should meet on a continuing basis every 6-8 weeks, and also include regular “talk to the City staff” meetings. The group discussed what might be the most effective way to structure this planning effort (either with City leadership or via a community organization)?

Nancy Aten

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