#36: A Different Kind of Street Closure

Close 3rd Avenue for about 6 hours on Saturday mornings from Oregon to Jefferson and put the out-of-town farm market vendors back to back down the street centerline. Opens the city parking lot for parking, and farm market clients need to hoof it onto the street in front of the property tax paying, brick and mortar businesses to reach their favorite farm vendors.

Establish a May through October market street on the historic market street and this becomes a long term sustainable business feature for the city dweller business owners and a wider welcome to area visitors.

Don Freix

Your proposal is in line what I would also love to see happen. In my home country Germany cities have rezoned many inner city parts as pedestrian zones (limited car access), with great success for the many small businesses that are located in those zones. It is a zoning that supports formation of community, is children friendly, and supports local businesses ('buy local').  Cars are delegated to lots down the street. (That can be a challenging concept). In my opinion, it is the best thing that could happen to Third Ave.

Hans Christian


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