#33: Make Small Bets

"At Strong Towns, we talk a lot about making small incremental improvements rather than always looking for the next mega-project. Why? Because everything we do has some a risk, and it is foolish to think otherwise. We are more robust (and even anti fragile, if we are able to learn from our mistakes) when we have a pool of money to make many smaller bets with than a few larger bets. Rather than going double or nothing on one large megaproject, we should be making many smaller bets, where we can handle the fallout or undo what we did with little penalty if an individual bet goes south.

I am going to share some of the small bets that my city of Hoboken, NJ has been making. These are bets that are small enough, where if they failed, we could simply move on with no real harm to the viability of the city, and if they succeed, we can duplicate them elsewhere."

See ideas in this story.

Submitted via Chesla Seely Anschutz and fb.