#17: WI Voter I.D.

What a great bunch of suggestions so far. I love the arts council idea raised by Laurel Hauser and seconded by Melissa Clark as well as Kathleen Finnerty's arts ideas. I agree with Dan O'Hern that we need to watch the safety and quality of our water.

I am very concerned with the statewide issue of the demands and perhaps intimidation that comes along with our new Voter I.D, law. We could stand out as a community that fights this by contacting our legislators to say that we feel that it stands in the way of citizens' right to vote. The League of Women Voters has created a pdf that can be printed that informs people what forms of I.D. are currently acceptable. Having worked the polls in the April primary and having seen how many people were trying to register to vote or to change their addresses, I'd love to see us all work to get people registered before the November election.

Lynn Gilchrist

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