#27: Small Business needs

This source has great articles about "the new economy" and community. Take a look.

An excerpt: "In 2015, we interviewed 41 leaders of small business organizations in 25 states representing 24,000 member businesses. They told us they believed that spending on business incentives in their states favored large corporations and that the current incentive system was not fair to small companies. 'We suffer from the paradigm that it’s always better to bring in a business from outside to bring new jobs rather than investing locally to grow the economy,' one leader told us.

"On top of that, we found that there is a mismatch between what small businesses need and what is offered to them by state economic development agencies... What small businesses really need, we found, is investment in their communities and customers who felt economically secure and had stable, well-paid jobs that gave them extra money to spend. By supermajorities, small business leaders said state tax incentives aren’t useful to small or growing businesses."

Kathleen Finnerty

(Sent via Center Line Community Forum)