#30: Several kayak launches in Sturgeon Bay?

Could we have several kayak launches in Sturgeon Bay? Read about the three at Green Bay's City Deck.

Excerpted: "Green Bay Economic Development Program Manager Wendy Townsend recommended the city buy and install a kayak launch on CityDeck using funding from the tax incremental finance district that includes the east and west side of the Fox River. The estimated cost of the kayak launch is about $25,000. ...

"Alderman David Nennig said the kayak launch would be another tool for promoting downtown businesses. 'I think the people that come down there to kayak will be frequenting the other businesses in the downtown area,' Nennig said. 'It just adds another element to the interest in downtown that's been generated in the last few years.'

"Townsend said the addition of the kayak launch also could make living downtown all the more appealing. 'We know that with more people moving to that location, it gives them more of an opportunity to be tied to the water,' she said. 'The more offerings we have in our community, the more likely it is for them to attract people of all different kinds of sports, including this one, to enjoy the area.' ".

Adapted from Carol Jensen-Olson and Linda Beckman via fb