#9: Bicycle ambassador volunteers for the Police Department

Here is a good example from Appleton that seems like it could work very well in Sturgeon Bay, where trained volunteers are helping the community with bicycle safety and also with being extra eyes and ears for the Police Department.

"...27 trained volunteers are turning their love of cycling into community service. According to Gwen Hinzman Sargeant, 'Mostly we’re interested in modeling that good behavior so that people see you riding the right way in the bike lanes, riding with traffic, using hand signals, stopping at intersections, modeling all of that great behavior.' But the duty of the bike ambassadors isn’t just safe biking. They are also extra eyes and ears for the city police. They’re sometimes given assignments, and are asked to target certain areas where authorities maybe seeing an increase in problems. Lt. Mike Wallace with the Appleton Police Department helps organize the ambassador program. He says, 'We’re not asking them to do police work, just asking that they report any problems that they come across and in doing so, even the presence of those people out and about in those neighborhoods where we’re experiencing problems can benefit the police department and help deter some of that criminal activity.' It’s a mission that not only allows cycling enthusiasts to ride, but one they know is making a difference in their community. Lt. Wallace says, 'Last year we had 17 ambassadors and during the course of the cycling season they logged 493 hours of community service so that’s a pretty impressive total.' Anyone interested in joining the Bike Ambassador Program should contact the Appleton Police Department."

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