#4: Youth involvement

I would love to see the City encourage/promote the youth of our community to get/stay involved in local government. How about working with Sturgeon Bay High School students and maybe assigning student to an Alderperson and/or committee member so they can "follow" them around for a semester and see how local government works? Not just a "workshop" or forum for students to attend, but really hands on.


To get the city on Social Media maybe approaching a H.S. Student and asking them to be a social media intern for the city?


Giving a group or two of High School Students a fictitious plot of land within the city boundaries that they have to come up with a development, contact developers and present their idea as if it were a real scenario and go through the whole processes of committees and council. I think it is a great way for the youth to see how the process is supposed to work, get the feeling of attending meetings, learn what you can and cannot speak on during council meetings and really learn.

Kelly Avenson

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