#3: Safe slow-release fertilizer for Parks

I would love for the Parks and Recreation department to consider using a heated garage and begin raising red african earthworms for their earthworm castings. The slow release fertilizer is safe and could be used for all plantings, grass and ball field settings. The earthworms cannot be allowed into the earth being non-native. Restaurants, hospital, etc could participate by saving the vegetable matter that normally becomes garbage. A great informational resource for this is Growing Power in Milwaukee.

Linda Cockburn

(Sent via Center Line Community Forum)

Response from Josh VanLieshout, City Administrator (Thank you, Josh):

In speaking with Bob Bordeau, the City of Sturgeon only fertilizes ball fields (granular) and the potted flowers downtown (liquid).  Other turf areas are untreated.  If anyone is interested in earthworm castings as fertilizer,  Worm Products of Door County, right here in Sturgeon Bay may be able to help.