#2: Pedestrian safety on Jefferson Street and Egg Harbor Road

We all knew that traffic would increase through town when we learned about the highway road closings. We knew that our Police force would be burdened with more patrolling, monitoring and enforcement. I am sure they are doing the best they can. This problem could have been discussed (and possibly avoided) at the Parking and Traffic committee meetings last year as well as at the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board meetings. Next time, let's be prepared to handle this before the problems arise, but for now, solutions are still possible.

Here is an idea that other communities are using to aid pedestrians in crossing safely. These flags are placed on both sides of the street. Pedestrians wanting to cross the street take a flag, step to the curb, hold it up or wave it at oncoming traffic to alert them that they intend to cross. It gets the drivers' attention. Then after crossing, they place it in the holder on the other side of the street.

Street crossing flags (fb post)

Chesla Seely-Anschutz

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