#1: "No-mow turf" areas in parks

In the spirit of saving money long-term, less mowing, and less chemicals for park landscapes, here is a suggestion.

"No-mow fescue" (aka no-mow lawn, lawn alternative, fine fescues, etc) is a lawn alternative that is typically composed of a mix of the 'fine fescues', a few of the fine-bladed or wiry cultivated fescue species that do not need to ever be mowed - they are 'floppy'. A lot of north woods rural home landscapes used to look like this. Door Landscape (on Hwy 42 just north of Carlsville) has an excellent demonstration plot so you can see what this lawn alternative looks like. It takes know-how and time to get it established, but once established - it is perennial, no watering, no chemicals, no mowing, soft for walking and sitting on. It can't handle sports, but it is perfect for passive landscapes, hanging out, picnics, etc. Seems like it would be great for much of the city's parkland. Door Landscape staff should be happy to discuss. Wisconsin's Prairie Nursery has also been a longtime promoter of this, and you can see their info here. (Most providers have their own custom, but similar, no-mow lawn seed mix).
Thank you.

No-Mow Fescue demonstration plot at Door Landscape, photo taken October 2015

Nancy Aten

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