#50: Become a Renewable-Energy City/County

Example from Burlington: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/11/burlington-what-works-green-energy-214463

"Burlington's decades-long commitment to sustainability has paid off with cheap electricity—and some pretty great homegrown food."

" 'There’s nothing magical about Burlington,' says Taylor Ricketts of the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. 'We don’t have a gift from nature of ample sun or mighty winds or powerful rivers, so if we can do it, so can others.' ".

"How did this former logging port on the shore of Lake Champlain transform itself over the past 40 years from a torpid manufacturing town in the far corner of a backwater state to a global trendsetter in sustainable development and green power? The answer carries particular resonance at a time when the United States’ commitment to environmental issues and addressing climate change is suddenly less certain than at any time in a decade. Cities like Burlington, the largest city in a state whose tourism and agriculture dependent economy is vulnerable to climate change, have had to craft their own solutions to address global warming and to insulate themselves from the vagaries of global energy markets."

shared by Angela Lensch