Added history of former grain elevator within today's Sawyer Park

A local source added to the historical narrative of the Teweles & Brandeis Granary, noting that there were actually four elevators on the Sturgeon Bay waterfront, not three. The fourth, smaller, elevator was part of the Bay View Roller Mill, located where the Sawyer Park launch ramp is now. This elevator was torn down in the 1970’s. The City erected a historical marker that includes this facility as part of the markers within Sawyer Park.

“The Bay View Roller Mill was established in 1885 by Charles Whiteside, L.C. Thorkildson, & A. Shaw on what was then the shore of the bay. In 1899 the adjoining granary on the left was brought to this site by water from Little Sturgeon in the southern part of Door County. The picture (ca. 1920) shows the mill when it was operated by the Bushman Milling Co.  A mainstay of the Sturgeon Bay waterfront during the late 1800’s and first half of the 20th century, the mill buildings were removed after the city acquired the property in 1975 for parkland. They stood in what is now the parking lot for the Sawyer Park Boat Launch.”

This photograph shows a ship unloading at the Bushman Dock (the next dock over from Teweles & Brandeis’ Sawyer Dock). The Teweles & Brandeis elevator is visible in the background. In fact the Lyons Bros. elevator is also shown behind and to right of the Teweles & Brandeis elevator. Estimated circa 1950s.

- added by Nancy Aten from information received from a local source